Have you ever felt...


    ✓ unsure if what you're feeling (sad, upset, worried) is actually yours?

    ✓ overwhelmed by the emotions of others (news, gossip, social media)?

    ✓ you might be able to use your intuitive gifts to help yourself and others?


    If you said YES to the above... THIS is the blueprint to self-mastery.


    Here's an overview of the masterclass:

    3mpowered Empaths discern & release
    to transform their gifts


    3mpowered Empathsground & protect
    to magnify the way they show up


    3mpowered Empaths alchemize & love
    to tap into their Spiritual selves



  • What You Get:

    In 6 modules, you'll find over 2 hours of video + audio content that includes:


    • Mantras & guided meditations
    • Printable workbook
    • Shareable takeaways
    • Actionable tasks (blending the rational + the intuitive!)
    • Access to resources that are always updated
    • Access to complete the masterclass for 1 year from the date of purchase.




    The Clair Senses for Empaths: mini blueprint

    You are empathic and intuitive. You feel it. But you have no idea how your gifts show up!

    What are the clair senses and how do they relate to empathic gifts?

    With instant access to this mini-blueprint, you'll take a short quiz, learn the basics and get some exercises under your belt. Custom tailored for empaths, it's just the launch pad you need!