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    When you decide to receive support and guidance, you operate at another level entirely. For many of us, being open to receiving can feel foreign and vulnerable. For others, we know how incredible it is and are ready for more.


    Wherever you are, just remember: YOU ARE HERE. I'm walking alongside you. Take some time to become familiar with the steps below, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.



    Fill out your personal reflections

    Access your reflections on google docs, make a copy that you can edit, and send it my way before your first session, the midway point, and the closing session. We'll discuss these reflections during our time together.


    Book your sessions in advance

    Your sessions can be booked in advance, so take this a month at a time. The sessions are labeled and there's a sample calendar below to inspire how you book yours.


    Connect with me on Voxer

    In between sessions, we'll connect on Voxer. These valuable talks are meant to help you integrate each part of your journey. Here, you reach out your hand to receive even more.

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    Your personal inventory sets the tone for our time together and is designed to be used before 3 sessions:


    Opening, Midway & Closing.


    The intention here is to watch your progress on this journey.


    These are google docs that you can fill out and share. So don't forget to send me a copy the day before our opening, midway, and closing sessions.


    The post-session reflections, however, are there to guide your thoughts after each session. You can share them only if you feel called to.



    Each month (30-day time period) there will be a total of three Zoom sessions that You may schedule 10-12 days apart.  

    Month 1

    Opening Session

    Session 2

    Session 3

    Month 2

    Session 4

    Midway Session

    Session 6

    Month 3

    Session 7

    Session 8

    Closing Session

  • Actual session times will vary depending on what is required energetically for each experience. Here's a sample carousel of how you can set up your sessions.

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    If you are unable to make one of the sessions, let me know within 24 hours via email otherwise you may
    forfeit your session. Rescheduling must be done within (3) three days of the original date to keep with the coaching schedule.

  • Voxer


    In between sessions, send me a message, whether it's to share synchronicities or to reflect on your integration, I'm here for it! I'll be sure to respond during current Voxer office hours: Monday- Friday, 10 am -3 pm EST 


    The best way to use Voxer is to send one message at a time (meaning after one message, kindly await a response before sending the next message) and please keep in mind:

    • texts should be under 3 paragraphs
    • voice notes should be under 5 minutes

    This will help keep the lines of communication clear so I can best support you. Ready?

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    Access Meditations, Activations, Affirmations & Journeys

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  • NOTICE: You are aware that this spiritual exploration is for personal growth purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice.