fun fact: ORAR means "pray" and it's an anagram for ROAR!


    Lisann G. Valentin created The Temple Orar as a sacred space, where meditation is prayer, where prayer is an intention, and where true intention takes YOU from a whisper to a ROAR! Learn how this 5th generation shamanic healer* can help you TURN UP THE VOLUME in your life!


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    Shamanic Guidance

    unleash yourself
    An energetic life coaching session,
    to go from chaos to peace,
    confusion to clarity.


    3mpowered Empath

    shamanic masterclass

    Learn how to navigate your empathic gifts at your own pace.

    Akashic Records

    unlock access to consciousness
    When seeking intuitive guidance, why not gain higher perspectives?
    Access the hall of knowledge. Channel the Book of Life.
    Open your Akashic records.

    *Healers are conduits here to help you activate your own inner healing. Your inner compass will lead you to the right guides, to help you unlock the best path for your life!