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    Hi! I'm Lisann Gabriella Valentin...

    (pronounced: Lease-anne Val-en-teen)

    FUN FACT: My name means the abundant power and grace of God. Cool, right?

  • Here's The Official Bio...

    Lisann Valentin has been known to grace the silver screen and illuminate the pages of best-selling books, all while helping people through personal transformation as a Spiritual coach ('cuz she knows a thing or two about that).


    From hit shows like Manifest, Narcos, and The Blacklist, to the New York Times best-selling anthology Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It, Lisann captivates audiences and readers with her raw vulnerability and empowering wisdom.


    A certified Spiritual Coach and Reiki Master, Lisann has trained with Mystics, fellow Shamans, and Spiritual leaders worldwide. But her training began way before that. Absorbing the ancestral wisdom of the healers in her family, as a child she learned the power of meditation, energy work, and intuition.


    Somewhere in between she leapt from being a 5th grade teacher to a civil defense lawyer. Needless to say, her Spiritual gifts led her on quite a journey! With such a diverse background, Lisann easily blends the practical and the mystical as she facilitates mindfulness and the cultivation of intuitive power to help navigate life’s ever-changing waters.


    A self-proclaimed “amplifier” this Spiritual Coach has been quoted by Healthine, Refinery29, and NextAvenue, to name a few. You can find Lisann Valentin’s meditations on InsightTimer, and her books on Amazon or you might see her on Netflix. ;-)

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    My Superhero Origin Story...

    It always begins with an internal stirring.  

    Why am I so sensitive?

    It took a long time to hear the answer to that question.


    From a respected legal career to a successful film & TV actress, and best-selling author, I’ve played many roles, and being a 5th generation shaman has played into every single one, even when I didn’t know it.


    When I was a child, “make me an instrument of your peace,” was my prayer, my mantra. These healing words helped me balance the energy of a family life that was both full of love and fraught with witnessing addiction. And it was the only tool I ever used in my toolbox without fully understanding what I was asking for.


    I have come to understand that peace is a winged warrior who flies into the middle of a storm and tames it with the light.


    In my Puerto Rican family, our faith in prayer has always been strong. Psychic development, “laying on of hands,” and learning about medicinal plants were part of that prayer. My 2x great-grandmother was a renowned healer in Puerto Rico, a shaman, a boitiu. My grandfather learned from her, and I learned from him.


    But we didn’t use these titles; we just called it Saturday.


    Still, I needed additional tools to thrive at home, in school, and in life. So when a nun introduced me to meditation as a tween, it expanded my entire world! I immediately saw the similarities between prayer and meditation; that inner peace can take us to great heights!


    And yet, it took me much longer to understand HOW.


    The descendant of four generations of intuitive healers before me, you might think I would have understood my sensitivity sooner. But honestly, I was afraid. It took courage to release old limiting beliefs about my intuition, my spirituality, and my heritage.


    I've learned that when you untangle from limiting beliefs, that’s when you unlock your potential.


    It wasn’t until I answered “the call” as a shaman that everything truly fell into place. I found my tribe of gifted shamanic healers, mystics, and spiritual leaders who helped me put the puzzle of my life together. Then I truly understood why I stepped into so many careers that turned me into a conscious healer … and how my lineage played into all of this. I finally heard the response to my question and to the prayer I’d been repeating my whole life!


    I wasn’t an instrument of peace — I was peace.

    As it turns out, the answers I was looking for were inside of me all along.

    Holy $h*t.


    From pounding the pavement on Wall Street to working the red carpet, I have sown seeds of peace every step of the way, showing creatives, entrepreneurs, and intuitive healers how to amplify their gifts…on-screen and on the stage of life.


    We’re here to be emanations of peace by being exactly who we are – and to let that light within shine brightly.


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    If you don’t have the right tools, you might find yourself reliving an old story.




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