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    Orar Meditation Portal

    Connecting with the highest forms of unconditional love, allow yourself to be guided into an experience. By choosing intuitively, you'll begin building more confidence in yourself, cultivating new mindfulness habits and calling in better than you can imagine! ✨



    DISCLAIMER: This spiritual exploration should not be considered a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice or interventions. Each audio file is channeled and Reiki-infused, it is preferable to avoid intoxicating substances and avoid operating a vehicle/heavy machinery when participating in these experiences.  

  • Affirmations & Meditations

  • Affirmations for Release & Peace

    Get grounded with Gaia, Mother Earth. Repeat after me with intention. Stay focused on your breath. Notice what you feel in your body. These affirmations help create mindful habits for energy hygiene during your day, allowing you to shift your energy within minutes.

    Affirmations for Release & Relaxation

    Get grounded and repeat these affirmations, truly meaning each word. Stay focused on your breath. Notice what you visualize and what feel in your body. These affirmations help create a sense of peaceful relaxation, as part of your sleep hygiene routine.

  • Box-Breathing to get grounded.

    We begin using box breathing to become attuned to our senses and get grounded in the moment. Recorded LIVE at night in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

    Visualization: Sacred Bath

    With the sound of the coqui and birds singing from Puerto Rico, this sacred bath meditation is an active ceremony.


    You are welcome to light white candles, add epsom salt and any healing scents or flowers to your bath. Then get ready to go through this sacred ritual of alchemy, balancing your chakras and inviting energetic release.

    Visualization: Your Tree of Life

    Visualize yourself as connected as the tree of life, getting grounded and alchemizing energy to serve the highest good.


  • Meditations, Activations & Journeys

  • The Opening: Energy Center Activation


    Tune into all of your senses as you activate each energy center, coming into awareness of the sacred geometry in your DNA. Invite the opening of all energy centers within you, as you align to a higher vibrational frequency, anchoring in heaven and earth. This Divinely guided meditation contains light language that speaks directly to your soul. This meditation is set to original music.

    Shamanic Journey: Cosmic Transmutation

    Releasing the heaviness of old narratives, we make space for more light as we journey to the central sun with the support of Archangel Raziel and Heavenly hosts. We envision transforming from dove to phoenix to dove once more in this journey of transformation. Recorded from a live transmission. This journey does not have any music.

  • Shamanic Journey: Sundial Meditation


    Using the sundial as the anchor, transform dense energy into light as you weave backward and forward through time, in the role of the observer. You are invited to shine Divine light into the shadows of experience, inviting in more love in this unique shamanic journey. This meditation is set to original music.


    Shamanic Journey: The Divine Rose Garden


    Open sacred space to release and clear energy while activating intuitive gifts in this unique shamanic journey to a Divine rose garden. Recorded from a live transmission, with original binaural nature sounds and drumming callback.

  • Orar Light Language Portal

    When you are ready to go deeper, enter this portal.