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    Orar Light Language Portal

    Breath is often used as a form of energy healing by Shamans during sacred ceremonies.


    Sacred ceremony, to me, is simply when we are creating a safe place surrounded by unconditional Love, either alone or with others to call in clarity, healing and amplification of our innate gifts.


    We also use humming - which combines the breath, sound and vibration - a useful tool to get centered and calm the nervous system. Mantras, singing icaros (sacred songs), and Light Language (speaking in tongues) is the breath, vibration and sound of Eternal Light, a language only the soul understands.


    If you are being called to listen to these short LIVE raw audio recordings, then here's how to get the most of it:

    1. Release any expectations or preconceived notions.
    2. Set aside the analytical mind for a few moments.
    3. Welcome in curiosity.

    Because the audio is raw, it's best to avoid headphones. 


    These audio files may not be polished or beautiful, but they are potentenergy will move. Take some time to journal beforehand to set your intention. Then suspend disbelief and listen with your heart.


    Notice whatever comes up as you receive Unconditional Love with wisdom and with discernment. Then take some time to journal afterward, with gratitude as you close your own personal ceremony.


    As always, drink plenty of water!


    DISCLAIMER: This spiritual exploration should not be considered a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice or interventions. Each audio file is channeled and Reiki-infused, it is preferable to avoid intoxicating substances and avoid operating a vehicle/heavy machinery when participating in these experiences.

  • icaros for emotional healing

  • icaros: Heart Opening and Clearing

    An icaros of light language, the song is a gentle washing away of heartache. The sounds invite the rain to help clear and open the energy center of the heart. With words and breath, this energy center is then activated, inviting you to make room to receive Love that is worthy of you.

    icaros: Taking Flight

    Set to the binaural sounds of birdsong in an urban landscape, this icaros calls on the energy of the wind. Set the intention that you will be kept aloft through any new adventure as you spread your wings.

  • icaros: Tribe of Light

    With humming and chanting, this activation from the Sun calls in your tribe of Light, your Angels, your team, whatever resonates as a form of etheric support. Whether needed in times of great triumph or great sorrow, invite support to come from the highest forms of unconditional love. Hum along or allow it to wash over you as you set the intention to receive.

  • light language activations

  • Unleash Your Gifts: Light Language Activation

    While listening in a safe and private place, let the transmission wash over you. Listen again and if you feel like responding to the sounds, go right ahead!

    This will attune your voice to the energy, allowing your gifts to be activated, with words, humming, or singing. Then don’t forget to journal about your experience.

    Alignment: Light Language Activation

    This transmission calls in alignment with your highest self and highest timeline. While in a private and safe space, allow yourself to respond with your voice, with your hands, with movement -- in any way that you creatively feel called to respond, just go for it! Or allow yourself to sit and explore what comes up for you as you journal through this short activation.